Wednesday, March 24, 2010

incredible tights!

spotted a link on Frankie to the most amazing tights by Les Queues de Sardines . They are truly AWESOME!

Hmm, is that a horse mask in the third photo... if it is, then that is double truly awesome!

Source: HERE!


Boubou said...

Bonjour !
first time i come across your blog, absolutely love your photos keep up this good work , lot o f inspiration ! check out my daily collages inspiration blog boubouteatime if you have some time, a bientot !
Bouchra xx

Tania said...

I love these tights :)

Also I can't believe I'm even about to say this, but the raincloud picture suddenly just reminded me of the (you know what) website. Well, that totally ruined that for me.

Otherwise awesome.

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