Monday, August 23, 2010

beautiful bicycles

some lovely snaps of ladies and their bicycles from 'The Bicyclette'. I first read about 'the bicyclette' on another fantastic bicycling lady's blog (who is actually in the photo at the bottom). Wow that was a mouthful.


Joyti said...

Those ARE lovely...if only I could actually ride a bike now.

J said...

Oh my I love these, I really wish I could be one of those hot girls riding around the city on my bike with a cute basket.. but I'm not quiet brave enough hahaha.. Melbourne has been lovely, sun has been shining since I arrived, bit overcast now though.. I love it here either way

Emma Lavelle said...

i have pure bicycle envy. get me to the countryside and give me a bike. now! xx

Maarten. said...

i really like this post
it makes me want to get my bike out of the basement haha

booksinmycuppa said...

oh the first and the third ones are my favourites! <3

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