Monday, October 25, 2010

parachutgirl flickr

beautiful photos by irina gusakova on flickr. They make me feel very relaxed and dreamy.

parachutgirl's flickr


Marinka said...

those are really cute pictures^^

Erica said...

These are lovely

Erica said...

Hi sorry to post twice but I'm excited to hear someone else is getting an epson scanner! They really are wonderful and they promote the use of film so yay!

Also your blog is lovely, I'm so intrigued. :)

Moan said...

Not often a fan of big city living. But i daresay I would enjoy being within the confines of that last building, with it's crazy, wild vines covering and a cafe by the look at the bottom. Talk about relaxed and dreamy


Jennifer Young said...

in LOVE with these images!

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