Monday, December 20, 2010

baubles and comforts

I've had quite a nasty ear infection which has kept me from taking many snaps, getting any processed or reading any blogs...back in the world as of now x





Marinka said...

those are really nice pictures, I love the little cupcakes

Jennifer Young said...

yikes!!! that doesn't sound pleasant! glad you are back and hope you heal soon!

LenoreNeverM♡re said...

Feel better soon dear~
Beautiful shots & lovely desserts~YUM*

Diana said...

i love the photos, and cupcakes are always a success!

and flowers pick themselves said...

get well soon!

xo Alison

Christine said...

Hope you are all better. Great photos!

Galit said...

Hope you're feeling better!!
These shots are fantastic!
So *diaphanous* (I'm practicing new English words... don't laugh!)

Have a lovely Xmas and happy holiday!! xx

The Thief and The Cobblers said...

aesome photos! i love those little cupcakes!

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